Email Best Practices

Email Best Practices

Are you new to email marketing…well, where have you been???  We’ve been expecting you.  Welcome aboard!  Using email best practices makes email marketing powerful, rewarding, and exciting.


The best place to start email marketing is to your existing customers  They know you already and are your best source for new sales and referrals.  If you don’t have the emails of your customers, start collecting them, or get a jump start by having a company like email marketing best practicesemailUSA match your address file to our nationwide email files and append known emails to your customer records.

While you’re at it… append phone numbers, birthday month, or other useful info.  The cost is minimal and the rewards are huge.

You can immediately save on mailing costs, customer alerts or product notifications, and you will have new ways and reasons to contact them through Newsletters and VIP offers.

For your customer emails, use a Email Delivery Service like  Your campaigns are free if your client list is under 500 names. There are many other services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response and Ace of Sales.  If you don’t like one, try another.  All are similar yet have different features, strengths & weaknesses.

One thing to keep in mind –  be careful with non opted-in emails.  If the list is not clean (like ours is) your campaign will get shut down or your account may get terminated for violating terms of use of your email deployment system.  What you need is a company like to deploy your marketing emails because we adhere to Can-Spam requirements.

When your prospects purchase, respond, or opt in from emails we deploy, you should add them into your customer newsletter messaging service.  If you have a lot of emails that you need to check or validate, we can validate and verify them to remove the bad ones that can hurt your campaigns.

Send us your list for free matching and append quotes.

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